Noah's Park

Rehab, Rescue Resource, Day Care Grooming

About Us

It is said that “it take’s a village to rear a child” and this can most certainly apply to our fur kids too.

With front row seats to a dogs life and purpose, the handlers at Noah’s Park are…… all about dogs. Each of us have been privileged to have been involved in, well, its literally impossible to count the number of dog rehabilitation assignments we have undertaken between us….but certainly it into the 10’s of thousands.

Between us, there is little we havent experienced, be it, physical or behavioural issues, beauty queens, thugs, clown’s, pups, seniors, cross breeds, breed specific pure breeds……in fact every single “kind” of family dog you can think of is welcome at Noah’s Park, We love all the individual personalities that make up our crazy canine world big and small.

So you see, it’s a team effort that is you, us, your vet, and your dog that ensure’s you give your “furberry” the very best you can…..even when you can’t be there.