As we move further and further into the 21st century, our pets have captured our hearts, and consequently have moved their way into our homes and hearts as a big part of our families. Pets are no longer just pets. They are loved and valued family members with their own personality, their own favourite toys, their own bed and often… their own stubborn behaviours which sometimes we simply cannot understand.

These behaviours can be annoying, frustrating or sometimes even intimidating which all lead to additional stress in our already stressful lives. At Noah’s we understand this and above all, your misunderstood family member.

A vast majority of the time, it is simply miscommunication and lack of psychological understanding between our beloved Canines and us as their Humans that begin or contribute towards their unwanted behaviours.

Here at Noah’s we firmly believe in creating a world where life with our dog’s should be just a little bit fabulous rather than beyond too stressful. With a deeper understanding and adept experience, we have the solutions to help create or re-create a stress free and balanced relationship with your much loved furry and fluffy family member.

To set you and your family member up for unbeaten success, our Behavioural Package will be designed to your own individual situation and modified to suit your schedules.
The package includes:

In-Depth 21 day Behavioural Modification

  • Appointment = 1 x hour real-time assessment consultation
  • Appointment = 1 x 1 x hour real-time final assessment
  • 24/7 Online coaching and guidance throughout Package
  • Individual detailed behavioural plan tailored specifically for you and your dog
  • 1 x 9 hour day in daycare

All for just $360.00

We are so sure we can help, we offer a money back guarantee on our behavioural packages, as believe it or not, 99.9 percent of families will only need that 3 hour time frame over a 3 week period to get on track to a happier, healthier life of man (or woman) and dog.

So, whether its a snappy turtle situation, separation anxiety, easy lead walking, or just living a comfortable and peaceful life with everyone and everything in your pack, Noahs will lay bets we can help improve your current situation easily and with a minimum of fuss.

NB: All consultations are either on site at Noah’s or at the park depending on the requirements of the dog and their humans