Noah's Park

Rehab, Rescue Resource, Day Care Grooming

Dogs Play at Doggy Day Care

We, the staff/elves/slaves at Noah’s Park, come from a different resource to most other canine facilities.
You see, all our staff have extensive experience in domestic animal welfare and as canine behaviourists we are experts in canine behaviour of all kinds.

This is great news for your dog as we have the know how to calmly deal with and improve complex canine issues such as anxiety, and we are all over building confidence, which of course makes for a happy pooch, which in turn makes for a happy family life.

At Noah’s Park, we love dogs so much, we dedicated our lives to helping those in need in Australians animal rescue and shelter environments, to morph into a Queensland State Government approved (so more than just local council approved) doggy daycare, rehab and canine resource centre to service dogs and owners all over Brisbane.

We will lay bets that your Fido will want to come back to our day care again and again, and become a happy healthy member of the Noah’s family.

We genuinely look forward to meeting you and your dog!!! Download our application form.

Live, laugh, Woof!!

Standard Daycare conditions

  • All dogs must have current vaccinations certificates or titer test reports
  • All dogs in day care must be desexed
  • Noah’s Park has the right to deny acceptance to any dog deemed unsuitable for day care

Day Boarding aka Doggy Daycare

Not a whole lot different to a children’s daycare centre. We provide a structured, stimulating and organised environment where your dog learns how much fun playtime is, what good manners are and when its time to catch some zzz’s. Supervised by a ratio of staff 1:8 your dog is continually assessed and their schedule regularly tweaked to ensure their utmost happiness is our No 1. priority

Of course the results of our quality daycare service translate to your own quality of life come the weekend when your tail wagging best friend is stable, well socialised, and just as comfortable as you are as you read the papers and enjoy your brunch at your favourite cafe , beach, park……where ever it is you guys head to for your own little bit of peace and contentment in the universe!