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Water Therapy

My dog bunny hops when running…..
My dog is slow to get out of bed after resting…..
My dog is round and cuddly (aka overweight)…..
My dog seems to be loosing muscle tone…..
My dog has had surgery…..

Sometimes its under the instruction of your vet as post surgical therapy.

Sometimes its because you just want to do the best you can so as your pooch can be the best they can be and enjoy life to the max.

Whatever the reason you are considering hydrotherapy for your little buddy, you can rest assured that the staff of Noah’s Park have been there and done that and would be delighted to help you do for your dog, or do for you – all under the supervision of of the veterinary staff of Brisbane Pet Surgery (on site at Noahs)!

Water therapy for dog applies the same logic as it does for humans……non weight bearing exercise that tightens, tones and builds muscle, without even mentioning is also great fun.
Noah’s Park offers a range of water therapy our hydrotherapy walking machine, and a “muck around” pools for those who just want to have fun (under supervision of course)

So when stuff happens, whether it be worn out joints, or things that didn’t really fit in the first place, or, perhaps it all happened by accident – sometimes dogs need rehabilitation.

We will work in conjunction with your vet (and our onsite vet) to ensure your dog receives the very best rehab we can possibly provide.